Vivaldi: The Four Seasons. A Multimedia Music Book - Windows CD-ROM

Product Description: Entertainment and education is combined in these breakthrough interactive music discs. They combine the highest quality digitally recorded performances with exciting graphics, critical essays and explanations of the music.

The Four Seasons features a stunning photographic essay as well as historical and biographical notes and an analysis of the emotional and musical structure and content of this great work. TDC Interactive’s proprietary software technology allows complete interactivity with all the visual content without the necessity of loading many megabytes of data to the hard drive.

Vivaldi, one of TDC Interactive’s classical music titles, transcends the traditional music album with its interactive multimedia "extended liner notes." Graphics, musical analysis of each work, a music glossary, a biography of Vivaldi with an essay on his life and times combine to make this one of the most exciting music titles of the year. It contains complete performances of: Concerto for Oboe, Concerto for two Corni da Caccia, the Four Seasons and Concerto for Four Violins. This title is a multimedia music performance breakthrough!


* Each work includes detailed analysis by educators
* New MPC diagnostic installation program
* Biographical sketch of Vivaldi
* Complete interactivity with the visual content
* Dictionary of musical terminology and essay about the times
* Every musical performance can also be enjoyed on your standard audio CD player.

Age: Juvenile/Adult
Category: Multimedia Music Book
Price: US$ 24.95
MPC UPC 7 85471 0 3 124 0
ISBN: 1-885784-18-X
Part No. 1240

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