A Survey of Western Art -- An Electronic Encyclopedia of Art - MAC CD-ROM

A Survey of Western Art is an important title from The Electronic Encyclopedia of Art. This multi-volume series is the world's first illustrated Multimedia Art and Humanities CD-ROM collection, and this volume offers an overall look at great works and famous artists.

A Survey of Western Art contains a basic encyclopedia of over 1000 high-resolution color photographs of painting, sculpture, architecture and other works from ancient Egypt to modern America. It is an excellent companion to the basic art history or humanities texts used in high schools and colleges and a valuable resource for any art enthusiast.

The editors have assembled a wide variety of art images into this multi-volume series, and each volume ranges from general surveys of subjects to in-depth looks at particular artist and period. Along with hundreds of full-color art images are detailed data cards, many with associated explanatory text about the subject, and artist biographies.

The entire encyclopedia covers painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, design and theater: all of interest to the scholar, student and art lover. Individual volumes may contain collections of text essays, museum and artist listings, trivia games, music and other useful research tools. Also look for Impressionism and Its Sources, Renaissance Masters Volume I and Renaissance Masters Volume II.


* 1000 plus Fine Art Images from a variety of artistic schools and periods
* Organize by artist, art periods and more!
* Artist Biographies
* Important information about the artistís life
* Search by artist, title, medium, date, schools or object
* Correlated data about the artist and his works

Age: Juvenile/Adult
Category: Electronic Encyclopedia of Art Series
Price: US$ 49.95
UPC: 7 85471 0 3 110 3
ISBN: 1-885784-26-0
Part No. 1103

Minimum Requirements: ¨MAC: System 6.07 or better, 4MB memory, CD-Rom drive, color monitor.

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