The Star Child by Oscar Wilde A Multimedia Storybook - Windows CD-ROM

Product Description: "There fell from heaven a very bright and beautiful star". With these words, Oscar Wilde leads a poor woodcutter to find a baby in the snow-covered forest. A kind man, this laborer takes the baby as his own, giving him a fateful name: The Star Child.

Thus begins the story of a boy who learns, the hard way, the value of being human and forgiving. Written by the famous children's storybook writer Oscar Wilde, this story takes you on a journey through imagination and fantasy.

The Star Child is a fun, engaging story with dictionary links, musical note buttons and much, much more!


20 color and black and white illustrations
Illustrations to enhance this powerful story
Music by Jim Donifrio
Timely music complements the artistry
On-screen dictionary
Difficult words are defined easily, quickly
Separate music and narration tracks
Both the story and its music can be enjoyed on any stereo CD player

Age: 7 to Adult
Category: Multimedia Storybook
Price: US$ 29.95
MPC UPC: 7 85471 0 3 115 8
ISBN: 1-885784-11-2
Part No. 1158

Minimum Requirements: ¨MPC: 4 MB Ram, 386 processor or better, Windows 3.1 or higher, CD-Rom drive, 256 color SVGA card, color monitor.

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