Peter and the Wolf A Multimedia Storybook - Windows CD-ROM

This CD-ROM is a special multimedia storybook production of the classic Peter and the Wolf tale by Serge Prokofiev. Peter and the Wolf is the classic tale of the young boy who overcomes his fears of the forest to outsmart a hungry wolf. Jack Lemmon brings this timeless tale to life with his powerful narration.

The original illustrations appeal to children and parents alike. The accompanying music is performed by the Prague Festival Orchestra under the direction of Pavel Urbanek. The elements of this work create a unique masterpiece.

While being entertained and delighted, children learn about the orchestra, become better readers and build stronger vocabularies. Your child will be captivated by the many features this CD-ROM title has to offer.


* 30 minutes of narration by Jack Lemmon and music by the Prague Festival Orchestra
* Aid storytelling and ensures proper pronunciation
* Individual controls for story, pictures and sound
* User can view or listen selectively
* Original animation art
* Created specifically for the computer
* 20 minutes of music plus a large sound library
* Multimedia atmosphere enhances the storybook experience

Age: 4 to Adult
Price: US$ 34.95
UPC 7 85471 0 3 114 1
ISBN: 1-885784-09-0
Part No. 1141

Minimum Requirements: ¨MPC: 4 MB Ram, 386 processor or better, Windows 3.1 or higher, CD-Rom drive, 256 color SVGA card, color monitor.

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