Personal Puzzles - A DOS Floppy Game

Personal Puzzles Product Description: Personal Puzzles is more than a computerized jigsaw puzzle with puzzle shaped pieces --this games lets you turn your own pictures and graphics files into an endless number of computerized jigsaw puzzles!

If you can scan it, draw it, capture it and save it as a PCX, BMP or DIB file -- you can easily create your own Personal Puzzles.

You also have over 20 puzzles to choose from, before you even begin creating your first personal puzzle. All puzzles can be played with 25, 49, 100 or 196 pieces. There are on-screen hints like piece outlines, picture view and auto place if you need them. And if you can’t finish the puzzle you’re working on, save it and continue play at another time!

With Personal Puzzles you have lots of puzzles to enjoy along with the tools to create an endless number of customized puzzles -- the only limit is your imagination!


• 24 ready-to-solve puzzles with jigsaw puzzle-shaped pieces.
• Four difficulty levels -- 25, 49, 100 and 196 piece puzzle choice for each image.
• Create your own puzzles by using graphics files in PCX, DIB and BMP formats in 320 by 200 pixels.
• MIDI-quality sound under DOS with music to enhance the multimedia puzzle experience.
• Many playing hints along with a Save and Load option.
• Colorful puzzle choices along with your customized puzzles provide hours of puzzle play fun

Age: All Ages
Category: Multimedia Fun and Games
Price: US$ 19.95
DOS Floppy
UPC 7 85471 0 1 105 1
ISBN 1-885784-23-6
Part No. 1051

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