Mozart A Multimedia Music Book - Windows CD-ROM

Product Description: Entertainment and education is combined in these breakthrough interactive music discs. Mozart features interactive multimedia "extended liner notes" containing graphics, musical analysis of each work, a music glossary, a biography of Mozart with an essay on his life and times. These elements combine to make this one of the most exciting music titles of the year. The title contains a complete performance of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Symphony No. 40 and more!

The detail on Mozartís life and times integrated with the major works created by this genius offers a multimedia music experience that goes well beyond the scope of an ordinary audio CD. Imagine following a critical analysis complete with musical notation for each work on the disc. Look up difficult and interesting words in the hypertext dictionary of musical terms. View pictures of Mozartís Salzburg home, his family and contemporaries. Listen to the magnificent compositions by the "Prince of Harmony." This title is a multimedia music performance breakthrough! Features * Detailed analysis of the music that includes Don Giovanni, K.526, Duet "La ci darem la mano", Requiem, K.626-Introit and Kyrie, and Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major, Andante Elvira Madigan and many more.


* Performances by worlds class orchestras such as the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
* Biographical sketch of Mozart
* Trivia questions and information
* Dictionary of musical terminology and essay about the times
* Every musical performance can also be enjoyed on your standard audio CD player.

Age: Juvenile/Adult
Category: Multimedia Music
Price: US$ 24.95
MPC UPC 7 85471 0 3 123 3 I
SBN: 1-885784-17-1
Part No. 1233

Minimum Requirements: ¨MPC: 4 MB Ram, 386 processor or better, Windows 3.1 or higher, CD-Rom drive, 256 color SVGA card, color monitor.

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