Motion Commotion The Multimedia Video Puzzle - DOS CD-ROM

Product Description: Motion Commotion combines the world of puzzle playing with the excitement of video. Each video puzzle is a dancing swirl of color and motion set to upbeat music. Once a video puzzle is solved -- it's a full screen video clip!

This dynamic puzzle game includes over 500 video and still puzzles featuring wildlife animals, stunning nature scenes, futuristic cartoons, powerful racing cars, colorful hot air balloons, exciting arcade games and interesting family scenes. Users enjoy diverse play with video, image morphs and still shot puzzles. Puzzle options are plentiful -- from musical accompaniment to on-screen help to border position hints. Each puzzle can be divided from 4 to 280 pieces depending on which of the 10 challenge levels a user chooses! Motion Commotion is as an entertaining twist to traditional puzzle play.


100+ full-motion video puzzle displays
Video adds a dynamic element to on- screen puzzle solving
MIDI-quality sound under DOS Music enhances the multimedia puzzle experience
400+ photograph and illustrated puzzle image choices
Colorful puzzle choices provide hours of puzzle play fun
10 user option challenge levels
Images can vary from easy 4 piece puzzles up to difficult 280 piece puzzles

Age: All Ages
Category: Multimedia Fun and Games
Price: US$ 22.95
DOS UPC 7 85471 01 103 7
ISBN: 1-885784-21-X Part No. 1037
NOTE: Runs in MPC/Windows without sound capabilities.

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