A Christmas, Carol by Charles Dickens. A Multimedia Storybook - Windows CD-ROM

Product Description: From the bustling snowy streets of 19th century London to the ghastly apparition of Scrooge's Christmas future, the illustrations by Sir Arthur Rackham render visually the full emotional impact of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas tale.

Sir Arthur Rackham brings to life the original, unabridged text of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol as no artist has before. With breathtaking clarity and fascinating historic detail, he transports the reader to the world of Bob Cratchit and his cruel boss, Ebenezer Scrooge. Each character in the London crowds comes alive through Rackham’s use of distinct features and special expressions.

This Multimedia Story version of A Christmas Carol includes extensive interactive music, sound and graphics, creating a new approach to appreciating a timeless classic.


• Eight song audio cassette included
• Enjoy the story’s songs even if you are away from your computer
• Full three hour narration
• Hear the entire novel as you read along and enjoy the visuals
• Classic illustrations by Sir Arthur Rackham
• From the most famous edition of A Christmas Carol
• On-screen dictionary and learning guide
• Elaborate your understanding of the work by choosing key words
• Complete, unabridged version of Charles Dickens' classic
• There is no other Christmas story like it!

Age: 9 to Adult
Category: Multimedia Storybook
Price: US$ 29.95
MPC UPC: 7 85471 0 3 119 6
ISBN: 1-885784-16-3
Part No. 1196

Minimum Requirements: ¨MPC: 4 MB Ram, 386 processor or better, Windows 3.1 or higher, CD-Rom drive, 256 color SVGA card, color monitor.

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