Chopin Interactive. A Chopin Music Book

Windows/MAC CD-ROM

Product Description: Experience the power of Frederyk Chopinís unforgettable musical genius in an intimate multimedia setting. Through video, photos and musical performances, the development of Chopinís musical compositions is revealed, starting from his works as a young prodigy.

Your tour through the world of Chopin is guided by an expert professor and musician who has focused his research on the great classical composers. This story is rich in detail from both a personal and professional perspective. The development of his musical masterpieces span his entire lifetime beginning with his youth. You will even hear a rendition of a piano piece he composed when he was only a four-year-old boy!

Follow Chopin as he traveled and created throughout Europe, from London to Paris to Cracow. Discover the debate between France and Poland, who both claim this genius composer and pianist as their own.

As you accompany Chopin during his personal and professional travels, you will meet the people who most influenced his art. The wonder of Chopin and his great musical pieces are shared in a beautiful interactive setting that will keep you engrossed for hours.


· Video clips of performances of Chopinís music and the dances that inspired him
· Expert discussion videos offer insight into the man, the times and his works
· Biographical tours of Chopinís travels and where his pieces were developed
· Detail on the unique musical aspects of his works with never-before-recorded piano
performance of his first pieces.
· TDC will localize this title for its international licensees for a modest cost in French, German and Spanish.

Age: Juvenile/ Adult
Category: Multimedia Music Book
Price: US$34.95

MPC UPC 7 85471 00 1076 ISBN: 1-885784-25-2 Part No. 1076 MAC UPC 7 85471 00 1588 ISBN: 1-885784-58-9 Part No 1588 Minimum Requirements: ¨MPC: 4 MB Ram, 386 processor or better, Windows 3.1 or higher, CD-Rom drive, 256 color SVGA card, color monitor. ¨MAC: System 6.07 or better, 4MB memory, CD-Rom drive, color monitor

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