Bit Bugs A Game On PC DOS Floppy disc

Bit Bugs Product Description: Watch out. These colorful creatures are trying to outsmart you! You have to move quickly and plan carefully to win against these little buggers. Twist and turn. Match up colors. Watch the bit bugs EXPLODE into nothingness when you match them up correctly.

Bit Bugs is a colorful interactive game for the skill-inspired computer game enthusiast. Winning depends upon careful matching up of those funny on-screen Bit Bugs. Four in a row and -- ZAP -- you've avoided letting those buggers pile up and gain bonus points and advance on. With each win, you are challenged by tougher skill and speed levels.

Bit Bugs all have something to say, especially if you lose - "Well be back. Will you?" they taunt. Its not that easy...but its sure fun to keep on trying to explode them all away. In red, blue, purple and gray, your opponents have amusing, wisecracking Bit Bug personalities.

In the tradition of all your favorite addictive games -- Bit Bugs challenges you to keep coming back for more and more.


Four Bit Bug characters that you must match up four at a time to zap away.
Over 40 difficulty levels with 3 speeds - Slow, Fast and Frantic.
Amusing Bit Bugs sound effects and comments like Were heeeere, Oh Nooooo! and Bogus.
MIDI-quality music and sound under DOS. On/off functions.
Scoring with bonus point feature.
Mouse, keyboard or joystick play.

Age: All Ages
Category: Multimedia Fun and Games
Price: US$ 19.95
DOS Floppy UPC 7 85471 0 1 104 4
ISBN 1-885784-22-8 Part No. 1044

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