Bimbo Movie Bash! MAC CD-ROM Game

Itís Friday night at the drive-in, so get ready for a wacky, unforgettable movie bash! This movie making machine letís you play director as you preview some of the most hilarious moments in B-movie history.

Preview over a hundred fun-filled movie clips in the dashboard database. Click and drag the digitized clips into any order to combine the scenes in ways youíve always imagined. Make a movie creation by featuring dumb jocks, nervous nerds, and, of course, beautiful women with snappy comebacks. With a wide variety of movie settings and great dialogue, you have everything you need!

When youíre ready to see the highly entertaining results, take a look in the rearview mirror. Youíll see the movie moments youíve chosen roll out in all their comedic hilarity. You now have your own personal computer screening room.

Save your creations and watch again and again. Use the clips over and over, and make your movies as long or as short as you want. The possibilities are endless. Youíll have a blast!


Hundreds of digitized film clips of hilarious B-movie moments
Click and drag over a hundred wild ín crazy clips to create wacky new movie creations
See many recognizable Movie Stars at various stages in their film careers
Act as the director and creative force behind movie making by choosing from actual B-movie comedy film classics
Amusing drive-in movie interfaces, complete with fuzzy dice and other surprises on the rearview mirror
Nerds, hunks and beautiful women in all types of settings with great one-liner dialogue
No limits on the length or number of drive-in bash movies you create
Easy save function to watch your favorite creations over and over

Age: Teen/Adult
Category: GAME
Price: US$ 34.95
MAC UPC: 7 85471 07 153 6
ISBN: 1-885784-53-8
Part No. 1536

Minimum Requirements: ¨ ¨MAC: System 6.07 or better, 4MB memory, CD-Rom drive, color monitor

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