About TDC Interactive

TDC Interactive is a multimedia publisher dedicated to bringing an entrepreneurial spirit along with diverse experience to multimedia publishing. Our management expertise includes active involvement in four key industries: Computers (hardware and software), book publishing, entertainment, and advertising. The combination of experience in these industries creates a solid foundation for TDC Interactive's publishing endeavors. With over 40 titles, we are ideally positioned to successfully produce and promote several Categories of interactive multimedia products. Our management activities are focused on the marketing and publishing of Education and Entertainment titles, as well as high end Professional Graphics products to both mass markets and specialty markets World wide.

TDC Interactive has several titles and projects in development at all times. The company bases its success on offering a constant flow of quality new products to a wide variety of distribution channels. We welcome the opportunity to work with Multimedia Developers and Producers who have projects, ideas, work-in-progress, as well as finished interactive titles. We encourage interested parties to CONTACT US to discuss our unique approach to the publisher/developer relationship.

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